Fantasies and Life in Greenwich Village
(20 years of New York's Halloween parade)

The Eve of all Hollows, called Halloween ,an old celtic costume, takes place in the darkest time of the year.The Halloween parade, an annual event ,on Oct 31.that always ends on Christopher Street,in New York City's West Village. It is here were the real spectacle of the Halloween Parade really begins and last's into the wee hours .It attracts people from all walks of life,of all ages and from all over the world.

A socially designated time for people to parade in costumes of their fantasies. It is a random show of characters of the human drama. Since more than twenty years Susumu Sato has documented this amazing event,capturing the most astonishing images. Selected images from this series have been featured in gallery shows and will eventually become a coffee table book.

All Images Copyrighted Exclusively to Susumu Sato